Friday, January 22, 2010

Kaiden's Lucky #7 Birthday 12-17-09

We can't even believe it, but the first grandchild & nephew of our family turned 7 this year. It is so hard to believe that he is already that old. It really does seem like just a couple of years ago he was born.

Kaiden had a very fun, early birthday party out at our family cabin at Lake Mead on December 11-12, 2009. My dad and I made a special trip out to the lake early on a Friday afternoon so that we could get the cabin warm with a nice fire and all decorated with the decorations that were left to me by Heidi. We got out to the lake with plenty of time to get all ready for the kids and parents who were going to be staying the night for the birthday slumber party. We only had one little problem...a lock and no key! This put a little delay on our plans, but thankfully my dad was able to break his way in. You can only ever do this if you are the son of the owner of the cabin, and if you are fully capable of fixing what you break. If anyone else ever attempted to do the same, there would be some serious trouble! Once my dad was able to break in, I made the climb into the cabin and quickly unlocked the trouble lock! We got to starting a fire and I quickly started to set up the decorations. We got everything all ready in plenty of time. All the party animals arrived at around 7pm. It was a wonderful time. The kids roasted marshmallows, played, and had cake. The cabin was packed wall to wall with sleeping bags and kids. When it was time for lights out, I think that the kids were actually ready. It was a pretty fun time. I think that this birthday will go down as one of his favorite birthdays ever! It would be mine! After all the guests left in the morning, Mike, Maddie, and my mom came out to celebrate the day with us- as a family, too. Maddie had been feeling under the weather, so Daddy stayed at home with her so that she didn't ruin the sleep over. Kaiden and Maddie had fun playing together all day Saturday. We BBQ'd, had some cake, and watched some movies due to some rain and cold weather. Then we packed everything up and headed home that evening. All in all, it was a perfect way to have a birthday.

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